I started my college at age 17 when I left high school, I always studied in public school and did not take the study question very seriously Monografias Prontas. In the first semester I got an internship in a multinational company, but that was a source of great pride. Being in my area at the age of 17, my God was incredible, but as a professional I was not an example, I was still very immature in the corporate world, did not like to wear social clothing let alone have a hairstyle aside the classic fashion of the business world

I know some friends of the same profile that I and I wanted to enjoy and enjoy the adolescence after entering college, I as I was dating I was even just in the bar brew on Thursdays and Fridays, but soon I saw that it was not going to work, because just in those two was calculus and physics classes and I was never good at it. Soon came the first tests and using the student term “pumped” two DPs in the first year of college Dissertação de Mestrado.

Unfortunately, I had to say that it was not the same as the American movies, and if I did not sit in the chair and study, I would always “bomb” the exams, and that’s how it happened in the other 6 semesters of my science course. computing.

We did not have a focused group, it was a lot of talk, we had groups formed and the help was not reciprocal among all Tese de Doutorado.

But finally after some DPs I was able to finish the graduation, which was very proud of me and my family, I decided to try something even more challenging and then I enrolled in graduate school, talked a lot among friends and chose one of the best in the region.

I do not know if it happens among all the powders but in my one class does not end to start another, you start in the matter that is already starting with older classes, well in the first Saturdays we had to introduce ourselves, that old formality, name, course you studied, company and position you occupy.

There was the first slap in the face, my colleagues had spectacular formations, as well as very advanced positions and knowledge Monografias Prontas, I soon saw how competitive the job market was and if I wanted to get into the game that my university behavior would have to stay in the past , in the first group presentations the older students already demonstrated a great capacity of communication and resourcefulness besides technical knowledge.

After spending a few days the older students finish the post and there are only freshmen left, the connection formed after this was a unique experience, because I was able to improve my network of relationships, the level of knowledge and dedication was only increasing every day, and very different from the graduation all there will be much help, be in a doubt more technical or in sharing material for study and job vacancies Dissertação de Mestrado. There was no parallel conversation, everyone wanted to get the most out of each subject, and always at coffee times, we were debating or debating about the subject, or exchanging knowledge about new tools and technologies, my level of professional, personal and student had a very good leap, I improved my communication in public, because I have always found it a weak point.

In summary to everyone who asks me what it’s like to do a postgraduate degree I always point out how to do it because the atmosphere inside the classroom with qualified and dedicated professionals makes you get more and more motivated and always seek to relate to people of high level, whether it be corporate, academic or personal, listen more Tese de Doutorado, and study hard because the secret of failure is to think that you are very good at something, you will always have someone better than you.