Third year of high school. You can not bear to hear about college entrance examination, let alone Monografias Prontas. Everyone is pushing you and wondering what course you are going to do. And the only thing you want is for the year to end soon to start college life. Let’s tell you a bit about this reality so that you prepare yourself a little better. Life in college is great, but make no mistake, not everything is the sea of ​​roses you expect.

In College you will only study the subjects you like.


Enough of compulsory subjects. Enough of being suffocated trying to learn at the same time the causes of World War I and how to balance the chemical equations.

Reality: Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado

Most of the subjects you have are related to your course. Only you have so much article to read that you miss the homework at school. Not to mention those subjects that nobody understands, and that reprove 90% of the class.
Enough of boredom. Classes and teachers are all funky.
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You will no longer have to put up with boring lessons with subjects you will never need again.


Lots of extensive classes at power point. You make a mega effort not to sleep, but the power point hypnotic power is stronger than you think. You blink and you’ve lost all the evidence. Not to mention the 10 page summary you have for tomorrow.
College student life is just a party.
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You’ve seen a lot of movies that show college parties and you’re crazy enough to enjoy life stricken.

You have lots of parties to go. But you have to choose between going out for the ballad or being approved in all matters. College is very nice, but you do not want to stay there for 10 years.

You will leave your parents’ house and be independent.
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You’re tired of getting so many orders from your parents, and you can not wait to do everything you want without the permission.

You will live with other people because it is cheaper to share a property and it is much better to have someone to share the accounts with and the responsibilities of the house. Read our article and you will understand. But your money can not do almost anything and you still need your parents’ permission to spend. I mean, to live. It’s like they say, plenty left over at the end of your money.

You will make many friends.
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You will meet lots of people, make lots of friends, and have lots of crushs to flirt with.

You will make great friendships. Some will last a lifetime. And you’ll still fall in love sometimes. But make no mistake, you will realize that some friendships are not so true. And a lot of people just care about themselves, and they will not be there to help you when you need them. Not to mention the suitcases that they think are better than everyone else and they stay the whole class trying to appear.

In spite of the perrengues, the life of student in the university is yes very good. It will depend on how you will behave. You need to find the balance between your social life and the responsibilities of adulthood. It is no use to study from Monografias Prontas, morning, afternoon and dawn. You need to rest, enjoy life and meet people. But you can not be alone in the ganda. The 4 or 5 years of college pass fast, and if you do not take this time to grow and prepare for the future, you will be left behind.