Although some movies and series pass the idea that the life of university is a timeless trend, this does not fit with reality.

Life in college has, yes, many moments of relaxation, joy and fun. But most of the time, the student is faced with a myriad of obligations and responsibilities, which requires a more mature posture and a good deal of discipline and autonomy.

Each semester, you will have contact with various disciplines, and each will have its own requirements. So every day there will be a lot to be read and studied and sometimes it will make you even too tired to want to attend college parties.

The important thing, like everything in life, is learning to balance things. You must not let your day-to-day obligations leave you too stressed, but it is also important not to take college like an endless party Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

Learn to reconcile your tasks with a few moments of leisure and rest, and this will allow you to achieve excellent academic results and to form successfully and tranquilly. At the beginning of college, you are likely to encounter certain difficulties in reconciling your obligations with your normal day-to-day commitments.

Obviously, because of the high load of things to do, you will probably have to reorganize your schedule of activities and even significantly decrease the time spent on leisure and absolute leisure. But with organization and planning, you can handle the college and still have time to date, work, exercise and have fun without being completely exhausted and crazy.

The rule of thumb for those who want to do well in college is to take their studies very seriously. Learning is a building process that does not happen from one day to the next, and will only be effective if you dedicate yourself steadily.

With each new class, it is important to take time out of college to review Monografias Prontas the content taught by the teacher. Making this a habit will help you to not accumulate doubts and always be on your toes.

Those who study daily do not need to spend clear nights studying like a madman on the eve of the exams. When this is a habit done with constancy and frequency, the knowledge becomes more consolidated and it is more difficult to forget what was studied. The opposite happens when you decorate wildly a lot of material for the sole purpose of taking a note in the test.

During your college years, do not forget your true goals within college. If you have entered higher education, your life project is probably to build knowledge, to develop, to learn a lot, and to move towards a successful career. So, always having your goals in mind, every time you hit that lazy study you will remember that willpower and persistence are some of the most precious tools for anyone who wants to finish their studies with praise.

Briefly, we can say that the mentor is the most experienced person, who shows you the way of the stones so that you can continue on your journey in a safer and more tranquil way. In your life, you’ve probably had a number of mentors and not even realized it. He can be a friend, family member, teacher, or anyone who inspires you and helps you move forward with motivation and positivity.

In college, having a mentor is important to improve your learning and can help you build new knowledge, gain more experience and develop certain skills and attitudes that will be essential to your training. In addition, a mentor can open many avenues in your career after you already have your diploma in hand, giving you good references that may facilitate your entry into a postgraduate program or the job market, for example.

The essential role of a university mentor is to mentor the mentor, providing him with the necessary feedback regarding his advancement and throwing light on the points that need to be improved. Thus, it allows the emergence of creative insights and deep advances in the learning processes.

When you do not recognize the importance of a mentor in your training, you miss the valuable opportunity to save time and effort on your academic trajectory.

In the first few semesters, talk to teachers, find out about their experiences Monografias Prontas, read their curricula lattes and try to find the most professional aligned with you. This can work wonders for your future and will be imperative for your personal maturity.

If there is in your college a teacher whose work inspires you, lose your shyness, be bold and introduce yourself. Show the teacher that you have the potential, the willpower to grow, and ask for help in accomplishing your academic goals!