I finished college now

I started my college at age 17 when I left high school, I always studied in public school and did not take the study question very seriously Monografias Prontas. In the first semester I got an internship in a multinational company, but that was a source of great pride. Being in my area at the age of 17, my God was incredible, but as a professional I was not an example, I was still very immature in the corporate world, did not like to wear social clothing let alone have a hairstyle aside the classic fashion of the business world

I know some friends of the same profile that I and I wanted to enjoy and enjoy the adolescence after entering college, I as I was dating I was even just in the bar brew on Thursdays and Fridays, but soon I saw that it was not going to work, because just in those two was calculus and physics classes and I was never good at it. Soon came the first tests and using the student term “pumped” two DPs in the first year of college Dissertação de Mestrado.

Unfortunately, I had to say that it was not the same as the American movies, and if I did not sit in the chair and study, I would always “bomb” the exams, and that’s how it happened in the other 6 semesters of my science course. computing.

We did not have a focused group, it was a lot of talk, we had groups formed and the help was not reciprocal among all Tese de Doutorado.

But finally after some DPs I was able to finish the graduation, which was very proud of me and my family, I decided to try something even more challenging and then I enrolled in graduate school, talked a lot among friends and chose one of the best in the region.

I do not know if it happens among all the powders but in my one class does not end to start another, you start in the matter that is already starting with older classes, well in the first Saturdays we had to introduce ourselves, that old formality, name, course you studied, company and position you occupy.

There was the first slap in the face, my colleagues had spectacular formations, as well as very advanced positions and knowledge Monografias Prontas, I soon saw how competitive the job market was and if I wanted to get into the game that my university behavior would have to stay in the past , in the first group presentations the older students already demonstrated a great capacity of communication and resourcefulness besides technical knowledge.

After spending a few days the older students finish the post and there are only freshmen left, the connection formed after this was a unique experience, because I was able to improve my network of relationships, the level of knowledge and dedication was only increasing every day, and very different from the graduation all there will be much help, be in a doubt more technical or in sharing material for study and job vacancies Dissertação de Mestrado. There was no parallel conversation, everyone wanted to get the most out of each subject, and always at coffee times, we were debating or debating about the subject, or exchanging knowledge about new tools and technologies, my level of professional, personal and student had a very good leap, I improved my communication in public, because I have always found it a weak point.

In summary to everyone who asks me what it’s like to do a postgraduate degree I always point out how to do it because the atmosphere inside the classroom with qualified and dedicated professionals makes you get more and more motivated and always seek to relate to people of high level, whether it be corporate, academic or personal, listen more Tese de Doutorado, and study hard because the secret of failure is to think that you are very good at something, you will always have someone better than you.

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I graduated and now? What to do after graduation

Practical tips on what to do after you take your undergraduate degree. From the anguish of being a newly formed until you become a successful professional.

Hello friends!

One issue that angers many people is what to do after graduation from college. When I graduated almost 10 years ago (as time goes on!), I saw colleagues doing everything they could to cope with the fear of what might come next. For many, completing the course – psychology or otherwise – would mean having responsibilities for the first time. Having to have a job, paying their own bills, not counting on their parents’ help Monografias Prontas.

In addition to the fact that the end of college is already normally stressful by curricular activities (internships, completion work), there is the big question: “I graduated and now?”

I graduated and now?
The truth is that having a undergraduate degree is having a paper with your name on it. It is clear that this role can open up many opportunities for work, but we must be clear and know that having a diploma will not be a magic pass for wealth.

I know it is a little self-evident, but it is necessary to say. Many people graduate and, curiously, settle down. They think that now that they have graduated, it is only to hope that the market will discover all their talent and all their potential Dissertação de Mestrado.

However, it is obvious that exceptional employment will not knock on our door. Those who studied NLP do not like the expression “to run behind”, however, it is necessary to run yes. Unless you are in a region far removed from the great centers and in a very small city, you will enter the market “behind” other people who have formed before. You will have competitors and you will have to do everything to stand out.

In short, graduation is not the end. At the end of the graduation we start Tese de Doutorado.

What an undergraduate offers you
What an undergraduate degree offers you is an overview of a field of knowledge. You leave college knowing a little of everything. If college was not just a place to meet friends and lovers, what will stay – taking away the diploma – is the knowledge absorbed. One gains knowledge. Then you need to know how to do it.

Stages are especially useful in this regard. They are like a bridge between knowledge and the real world. As it is said, in theory it is so, in practice it is roasted …

If it was not possible to do good internships during graduation, perhaps the best way is to have humility and “start from the bottom”. For example, a great friend of mine graduated from journalism. He said that his friends who are well-placed today in large media companies have practically worked for 1 or 2 years of grace (internships) to make contacts and gain experience and thus have a better resume.

It is naive to think that once you have your diploma we will have the best position in the best company. So conform and think in the medium term (there are exceptions to this rule as having family and economic influence or a godfather to indicate – the famous IQ).

The medium term (3 to 5 years) is not such a long time. After that time, it is only natural that new opportunities emerge. After all, there will be a diploma in the curriculum and a minimum experience for better jobs Monografias Prontas.

The postgraduate issue
A lot of people get very ill by thinking that after 3, 4, 5 years in college they did not learn anything. As I said, in college we see a little bit of everything. There is no time, simply, to see everything. Even a longer faculty, like medicine, does not allow the trainee to leave knowing everything. Historians say that to be a doctor in Ancient Egypt required 21 years of study …

For this reason, there is the demand to do a postgraduate degree, both to have more knowledge and to know more than one thing (specialization in one area) and to have a more robust curriculum.

See our text – What graduate should I do?

However, you need to calmly assess the need and return on investment (ROI). For example, if a graduate program costs 500 reais for 24 months, the investment will be 12,000 Dissertação de Mestrado. A simple formula is to think about how long this money (12,000) will return. If you return in the short term with a significant salary increase, it will certainly be a good investment.

The question is: which graduate to do? Which brings us to the next topic

A real specialization
Most colleges allow graduates to work in more than one area. During the course, therefore, the student should go looking for to know in detail about all the areas of action and imagining (if he can not do internships) in which area he will prefer to specialize.

The sooner we know which area we are going to direct our efforts into, the better. Remembering that having a little doubt is common. Once graduated, it is really very important to know what to specialize in. And when I say specialization here I’m not just saying to do a graduate. Depending on the financial condition, the post may stay for later. What I am saying is to have a focus of action.

For example, a person graduated in law may choose to work in the civil, criminal, labor, etc.

Hint: do not try to shoot everything that is side. If you are afraid to focus on an area and have no field, you are having the wrong view. The greater the specialization, the greater chance you’ll get good results and job leads (if you’re liberal) or job placements at other companies. Businesses and society will always need specialized knowledge and targeted competence.

It is easy to think, in these hours, of medicine. When you need the prescription to make glasses, you do not go to a pediatrician, go to the ophthalmologist. It is in this sense that I say that it is fundamental to specialize (even without a post).

Master a foreign language
It is not a lie when we say that it is a differential to have the command of a foreign language. It may even be that from day to day you never use the language you studied, whether English, French, Spanish, Chinese or otherwise. But it is true that a second language opens doors. This is because the world is much larger than the countries that speak Portuguese. And having access to knowledge, books, courses, and the possibility of doing business with other cultures makes a difference Tese de Doutorado.

Think big, take small steps.
And lastly, the last tip is to think big. Thinking big means having big dreams. Want to be a successful professional. Do not despair, think long term: 15, 20 years. You can dream of being the director of a large company or the most renowned professional in your city. You can dream of having a PhD and writing a best-selling book or having a TV show. Does not matter. In fact, you do not even need to say this to anyone (but it helps if you make your dream public for whom you trust and support you).

The idea is that having big dreams requires more of us. Great dreams give us hope and motivation. They help us to take small steps, but in the right direction and with that, little by little, we are going to do whatever we want to do.

This is a general text on what to do after you have completed your degree. As each graduation has its specifics, in case you have any questions or suggestions, please write below in the comments!

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I finished the college. What do I do now?

You have finished college and you finally have your diploma in hand. Once you have the sense of relief and fulfillment in accomplishing this important stage of life, you may feel insecure and uncertain about what to do next Monografias Prontas.

If you feel this way, believe it is not the end of the world and you are not alone. This inquiry is common and also gives rise to fear for the difficulty of understanding their professional purpose.

Even if you think that you left college without mastering your future profession very well, it is important to understand that the university exists to open doors and give a better direction to your future Dissertação de Mestrado.

That is, graduation is not the end, but the beginning of a journey for more specialization, experience and improvement. Finishing it means you are starting a career that has everything to be promising.

End of college
Graduation will help you a lot to get into the market, but in addition, you must also create a good resume with other activities that draw the attention of your employer, to make you a more attractive professional Tese de Doutorado.

A good example of this is to seek from experience the activity by which you chose. That’s what stages are for. Through them you can apply everything you are learning theoretically during college and in practice during your work.

If you have not had the opportunity to develop something like this, another thing you can do is to volunteer in your area to gain experience. This work will be very important to give volume to your resume and to make you more prepared for wide-open positions.

Job market
According to experts, there is an average time of three to five years for the professional who has finished college to get places with higher and higher salaries. Do not get discouraged by this statistic! All this happens because of the competition that is quite strong Tese de Doutorado. During this time, seek to acquire experience working in the sector you want.

Another good tip is to use this time outside of college to invest more in your education. As we have said before, college is not an end in itself, but the beginning of an entire career. Try to take courses, take post-graduate courses and other activities that can increase your knowledge in the area.

Something interesting is to look at what specific activity in your field of action you most identify to specialize in it Dissertação de Mestrado. This can be applied to different professions from the most diverse areas. For example, if you are from the advertising area, you can specialize with a course targeted at the business marketing industry; if you have attended journalism for doing a specialization in online communication and so on.

The specialization is responsible for further differentiating the professional from their competition, since through it it is possible to further improve their performance in a market area, as well as their specific knowledge Monografias Prontas.

Lastly, do not give up and do your best every day to become a better professional. The journey to success is long and full of little effort, but in the future it will be worth it.

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Lifestyle can be considered as the result of the behavioral patterns that the individual develops in the course of their life, which are determined by several factors, these being personal, socioeconomic and environmental characteristics and, consequently, have a profound effect in the health of individuals.
According to Rozmus et al., The period of entry into higher education represents an important phase of people’s lives, since many behaviors that have been acquired during life can be altered as a result of new friendships, attitudes and knowledge. When it comes to a college degree in Physical Education, lifestyle is one of those behaviors that can be altered by joining the university.
The lifestyle has been the subject of study of several researchers in the area of ​​health and psychology because it is one of the most important determinants of health of the population. However, in spite of all the information on the subject, behavioral research shows that among university students there is an increase in the rates and amount of habits considered at risk.
A large part of the specific scientific community argues that the identification of risk behaviors could contribute to the prevention – or postponement – of some diseases. However, according to Palma, Abreu e Cunha, the notion of risk behavior stimulates a more active individual involvement with prevention and imputs to one’s own responsibility for his illness. Thus, the option of acceptability of the risk, therefore, would imply to the own individual a condition of self-responsibility by the decision to soften it or, if possible, to eliminate it.
According to the authors, the notions of “risk behavior” or its antonyms coined pragmatically by the positivist sciences as “healthy lifestyle” fit into this context.
The literature presents several studies that reveal the lifestyle profile of academics from several courses in the classroom modality1,4,9, some of them specifically with Physical Education students10. The results reveal that this group of university students presents better levels of lifestyle, quality of life and physical activity when compared to academics from other areas, including health.
Therefore, what instigates the present study concerns the fact of knowing if the future teachers of Physical Education conduct their lifestyle through behaviors considered healthy, that match the knowledge acquired along the course and with the discourse they represent. Moreover, in our research, no study published in the scientific literature was concerned with describing the lifestyle of the graduates of a course in the modality from a distance.

In this context, knowing the factors related to the adequate lifestyle can subsidize the implementation of intervention policies and programs aimed at promoting the health of this particular population of university students, who, on the one hand, is the one that grows the most in Brazil, but in against departure, still lacking epidemiological and behavioral studies. Thus, the present research has the purpose of verifying the global classification of the lifestyle and the relation with the domains of the lifestyle in undergraduate students in Physical Education of the distance modality of a public university of the state of Paraná.
This is a cross-sectional descriptive cross-sectional study with a quantitative approach, in which the study population was composed of academics of both genders, regularly enrolled in the degree course in Physical Education at a distance from the State University of Ponta Grossa from the cities Apucarana, Bituruna, Congonhas, Cruzeiro do Oeste, Ibaiti, Lapa, Palmeira, Paranaguá and Siqueira Campos, all located in the interior of the state of Parana.
To determine the sample size, a stratified sampling technique with correction for finite populations was performed. For the sample calculation, the estimated value of the outcome studied – students with an adequate life style – was considered as 50% (p = 0.50). We also chose a 99% confidence level and an accuracy of 5 percentage points.
Thus, the number of individuals required to compose the sample was 213 university students. The selection of the sample was performed by the simple random method, through a draw of the students’ academic records.
Data collection took place at the end of June 2013 and two self-administered electronic questionnaires were carried out13. Each questionnaire had a description clarifying the questions, instructing the responding academics at each stage.
In the first questionnaire were demographic and socioeconomic variables: gender (male and female), age (<30 years, ≥ 30 years), weight (kilos), height (meters), marital status (single / divorced / widowed, (A, B, C, D or E) and level of schooling (incomplete degree, complete degree). The socioeconomic level was evaluated through the Brazilian Economic Classification Criterion, based on the survey of assets of consumption, schooling of the head of the family and the presence of a maid. Due to the need to distribute the variables in frequencies, it was decided to join classes “A” and “B” and denominate it “high” and the others, “low”. This distribution can be found in other studies12. It was also included the self-perception of health, which is considered a valid and relevant indicator of the health status of individuals and populations15. The response options were: Dissatisfied and Satisfied.

The second questionnaire, entitled “Fantastic Lifestyle”, translated and validated in Brazil by Añes, Reis and Petroski, 16 aimed to measure the main elements that characterize a healthy lifestyle. Developed in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University in Canada by Wilson and Ciliska, 17 the instrument is composed of 25 closed questions that explore nine domains: 1) family and friends; 2) physical activity; 3) nutrition; 4) cigarettes and drugs; 5) alcohol; 6) sleep, seat belts, stress and safe sex; 7) type of behavior; 8) introspection; 9) work.
The questions, answered self, consider the behavior of the individuals in the last month and the results allow to associate the lifestyle and the health. The sum of the scores of each domain is classified into five categories, but in the present study they were dichotomized, considering as “Adequate” the subjects of the categories “Excellent”, “Very good” and “Good”, and as “Inadequate” of the “Regular” and “Needs improvement” categories.
The statistical treatment was performed through the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), version 20. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used. To verify the normality of the data, the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was performed, indicating that such data follow a normal distribution, thus allowing the evaluation through parametric statistics. A descriptive analysis of the study variables and the results expressed in frequency tables were made. Then, independence analyzes were performed between variables using the Chi-square test and Fischer’s exact test for heterogeneity and linear trend. All associations that presented p ≤ 0.05 in the analysis of independence between variables were considered significant.
Based on the ethical and methodological concerns discussed in the Guidelines and Norms Regulating Research Involving Human Beings (Resolution 466/2012), the present study had its research project sent to the Research Ethics Committee of the Ponta Grossa State University (COEP-UEPG ), being approved under the opinion nº 451.209 / 2013.
The identification of risk factors may mean, as far as possible, the circumstances or behaviors that may be giving the individual a greater likelihood of developing a particular condition of health impairment.
Therefore, presenting the main personal characteristics of the Physical Education academics interviewed who are correlated to obtaining an adequate lifestyle was the main fact of this research. The socialization,
balanced diet, sleep well, manage day-to-day stress, relax andA enjoy free time, control anger and tension and think positively and optimistically are some of the factors that may be contributing to the greater likelihood of an adequate lifestyle.
Moreover, the present study contributes to the identification of the lifestyle profile of the Brazilian university of distance education, which is little known due to the scarcity of studies with this population.
Regarding the limitations of the study, it should be emphasized that research based on self-administered questionnaires has limitations on the veracity of the answers, in this case, and there may be lower rates of reports of socially reprehensible behaviors.
It was noted that the knowledge acquired about healthy lifestyle during graduation alone is not a factor that guarantees the practice of certain healthy behaviors, mainly the regular practice of physical activity, since there was no direct relationship between this habit and the Lifestyle. These findings also show that there should be a continuous concern of higher education institutions that offer courses in distance learning to know the dimensions of the style and the quality of life of their students.
There should be greater concern about the future Physical Education teacher who is legitimated as a health professional, in view of his direct performance and unique responsibility in the educational process of children and adolescents. His contribution is not limited only to linking the contents of his area of ​​education, but transferring knowledge, sharing experiences and exemplifying human values. Therefore, this professional is expected to conduct leadership, having as a fundamental pillar the example

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Although some movies and series pass the idea that the life of university is a timeless trend, this does not fit with reality.

Life in college has, yes, many moments of relaxation, joy and fun. But most of the time, the student is faced with a myriad of obligations and responsibilities, which requires a more mature posture and a good deal of discipline and autonomy.

Each semester, you will have contact with various disciplines, and each will have its own requirements. So every day there will be a lot to be read and studied and sometimes it will make you even too tired to want to attend college parties.

The important thing, like everything in life, is learning to balance things. You must not let your day-to-day obligations leave you too stressed, but it is also important not to take college like an endless party Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

Learn to reconcile your tasks with a few moments of leisure and rest, and this will allow you to achieve excellent academic results and to form successfully and tranquilly. At the beginning of college, you are likely to encounter certain difficulties in reconciling your obligations with your normal day-to-day commitments.

Obviously, because of the high load of things to do, you will probably have to reorganize your schedule of activities and even significantly decrease the time spent on leisure and absolute leisure. But with organization and planning, you can handle the college and still have time to date, work, exercise and have fun without being completely exhausted and crazy.

The rule of thumb for those who want to do well in college is to take their studies very seriously. Learning is a building process that does not happen from one day to the next, and will only be effective if you dedicate yourself steadily.

With each new class, it is important to take time out of college to review Monografias Prontas the content taught by the teacher. Making this a habit will help you to not accumulate doubts and always be on your toes.

Those who study daily do not need to spend clear nights studying like a madman on the eve of the exams. When this is a habit done with constancy and frequency, the knowledge becomes more consolidated and it is more difficult to forget what was studied. The opposite happens when you decorate wildly a lot of material for the sole purpose of taking a note in the test.

During your college years, do not forget your true goals within college. If you have entered higher education, your life project is probably to build knowledge, to develop, to learn a lot, and to move towards a successful career. So, always having your goals in mind, every time you hit that lazy study you will remember that willpower and persistence are some of the most precious tools for anyone who wants to finish their studies with praise.

Briefly, we can say that the mentor is the most experienced person, who shows you the way of the stones so that you can continue on your journey in a safer and more tranquil way. In your life, you’ve probably had a number of mentors and not even realized it. He can be a friend, family member, teacher, or anyone who inspires you and helps you move forward with motivation and positivity.

In college, having a mentor is important to improve your learning and can help you build new knowledge, gain more experience and develop certain skills and attitudes that will be essential to your training. In addition, a mentor can open many avenues in your career after you already have your diploma in hand, giving you good references that may facilitate your entry into a postgraduate program or the job market, for example.

The essential role of a university mentor is to mentor the mentor, providing him with the necessary feedback regarding his advancement and throwing light on the points that need to be improved. Thus, it allows the emergence of creative insights and deep advances in the learning processes.

When you do not recognize the importance of a mentor in your training, you miss the valuable opportunity to save time and effort on your academic trajectory.

In the first few semesters, talk to teachers, find out about their experiences Monografias Prontas, read their curricula lattes and try to find the most professional aligned with you. This can work wonders for your future and will be imperative for your personal maturity.

If there is in your college a teacher whose work inspires you, lose your shyness, be bold and introduce yourself. Show the teacher that you have the potential, the willpower to grow, and ask for help in accomplishing your academic goals!

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Starting and completing a college course is a prerequisite for pursuing a successful career. With the huge competition in the job market, making a college can undoubtedly be the first step for you to gain differentials in your professional life.

However, while it seems that the most difficult part of college life is to pass the college entrance examination, there are some challenges students face when it comes to college. In today’s post, you will know some of the top mistakes you should not make in college, so you can be a successful student with a glorious professional life ahead of you.

Find out, what are they next! 

Choosing which faculty to attend is not the simplest task Monografias ProntasThe college course that you choose to do will define many aspects of your life such as the type of routine you will have, your career expectations, your financial pattern, your degree of freedom and creativity in pursuit of the profession and even your circle Social.

However, many students make an unthinking decision, or based solely on superficial criteria or the opinion of other people, and in the heat of emotion they end up choosing a course that does not please them. 

A few years after this crucial choice, this creates frustration, discouragement and may lead many people to give up college before it is completed. Or, worse: some students, even if they dislike the course they do, conclude, leave for a professional life of great disappointment and over the years they are increasingly afraid to change their lives and settle in a profession filled with unhappiness. 

In this context, the first major mistake you should avoid in your academic life is related to the choice of undergraduate course. 

Do not make your decision just based Monografias Prontas on what your family members want for you. Your father dreams that you become a doctor, but you really like the area of ​​law? Your mother lives by saying that you should be an engineer, but the area that really makes your eyes shine is Biology? Listen to your intuition and make your choice based on what you believe is right. 

It is clear that listening to the opinion of more experienced people is important to make a right choice, but it should be based on a deep process of reflection and self-knowledge. You need to know yourself well and know what your profile is, what your expectations are, your ability, and your desires for the future. Often, we believe that we know each other intimately, but this is not always true. With patience, sift through all the intricacies of your consciousness and go in search of what makes sense to you. 

Also, before running to register for the college entrance examination, be sure to find out about the courses with which you believe you have the most affinity. Talk to veteran students, talk to people who have already graduated and read a lot about it. Some blogs and websites are specifically dedicated to clarifying the queries of college students, so interact in these virtual places for information that facilitates your decision-making process Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado. 

Try to visualize your life after you graduate and think if the scenario you see appeals to you. Some professions, in theory, are full of glamor and glory, but the real-life routine can be very different from your fantasies, and when you realize it, it may be too late. 

Analyze all possibilities with caution, common sense and maturity. This is the first step to moving towards a profession that will make sense for you and bring you happiness and fulfillment.

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The life of a university student: Expectation vs. Reality.

Third year of high school. You can not bear to hear about college entrance examination, let alone Monografias Prontas. Everyone is pushing you and wondering what course you are going to do. And the only thing you want is for the year to end soon to start college life. Let’s tell you a bit about this reality so that you prepare yourself a little better. Life in college is great, but make no mistake, not everything is the sea of ​​roses you expect.

In College you will only study the subjects you like.


Enough of compulsory subjects. Enough of being suffocated trying to learn at the same time the causes of World War I and how to balance the chemical equations.

Reality: Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado

Most of the subjects you have are related to your course. Only you have so much article to read that you miss the homework at school. Not to mention those subjects that nobody understands, and that reprove 90% of the class.
Enough of boredom. Classes and teachers are all funky.
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You will no longer have to put up with boring lessons with subjects you will never need again.


Lots of extensive classes at power point. You make a mega effort not to sleep, but the power point hypnotic power is stronger than you think. You blink and you’ve lost all the evidence. Not to mention the 10 page summary you have for tomorrow.
College student life is just a party.
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You’ve seen a lot of movies that show college parties and you’re crazy enough to enjoy life stricken.

You have lots of parties to go. But you have to choose between going out for the ballad or being approved in all matters. College is very nice, but you do not want to stay there for 10 years.

You will leave your parents’ house and be independent.
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You’re tired of getting so many orders from your parents, and you can not wait to do everything you want without the permission.

You will live with other people because it is cheaper to share a property and it is much better to have someone to share the accounts with and the responsibilities of the house. Read our article and you will understand. But your money can not do almost anything and you still need your parents’ permission to spend. I mean, to live. It’s like they say, plenty left over at the end of your money.

You will make many friends.
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You will meet lots of people, make lots of friends, and have lots of crushs to flirt with.

You will make great friendships. Some will last a lifetime. And you’ll still fall in love sometimes. But make no mistake, you will realize that some friendships are not so true. And a lot of people just care about themselves, and they will not be there to help you when you need them. Not to mention the suitcases that they think are better than everyone else and they stay the whole class trying to appear.

In spite of the perrengues, the life of student in the university is yes very good. It will depend on how you will behave. You need to find the balance between your social life and the responsibilities of adulthood. It is no use to study from Monografias Prontas, morning, afternoon and dawn. You need to rest, enjoy life and meet people. But you can not be alone in the ganda. The 4 or 5 years of college pass fast, and if you do not take this time to grow and prepare for the future, you will be left behind.

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What is a PhD thesis?

Did you graduate and think in future, after a master’s degree, to do your doctorate? Or have you already done your masters degree and now want to know the differences between how you did your dissertation and what is required in writing a doctoral thesis?

In the doctorate, the researcher develops a thesis, that is, the candidate must have hypotheses, methods, objects that demonstrate an addition to scientific knowledge.
Therefore, the doctoral thesis is an extensive Monografias Prontas, in which the graduate student must demonstrate originality in the approach of the subject during the research on a certain object.

In the same way as the master’s degree, it should raise the theoretical discussion already carried out on the question, elaborate hypotheses and verify them throughout the work, but in an in-depth way.

After completing the Doctorate Defense, if your thesis is approved, you will receive the title of Doctor of the area that you researched.

How to do a doctoral thesis?
As the most important part of the PhD course, the thesis is the end result of a research. Let’s see in detail.

The doctoral thesis and Monografias Prontas is the academic work that presents the result of an original scientific research and necessarily involves readings, observations, investigations and reflections.

To start a doctorate, as in the master’s degree, it is necessary for the student, together with his supervisor, to define a research project that guides the research to be done. This project, as well as its realization, the thesis itself, should follow some items:

1. Original theme
How will your work contribute to the enrichment of the knowledge currently available? If you are going to talk about power relations in public organizations, for example, what will be the approach?

It is important that the point of view that you intend to discuss in your thesis is unique, not yet discussed by other researchers. Thus, when his thesis is ready, it can truly contribute to the expansion of knowledge about the chosen theme.

2. Theoretical background
A doctoral thesis must have a scientific and academic foundation, so it is vitally important that you make a rescue of the theories that have already been published regarding your subject matter.

In a doctorate in education, for example, you should appeal authors such as Paulo Freire, Piaget and Vygotsky, among others. If you opt for a doctorate in communication, you will take your theoretical course through Lazarsfield, McLuhan and Santaella, among many others.

3. Rationale
Why is this approach important and worth researching? The doctorate should show the relevance of his work to scientific knowledge, giving arguments as to how it contributes to the enrichment of the field he is studying.

4. Purpose
The objective of the doctoral thesis should be clear, concise and summarize the purpose of the research. For many doctoral candidates, the elaboration of the objectives is one of the most difficult stages, since research must be profound, relevant and achievable at the same time Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

5. Hypotheses
As in the master’s degree, hypotheses are a fundamental part of the research. They are possible answers to the presented problem and serve as a compass for the development of the research.

Throughout your investigations, you will check or discard these assumptions, always showing the method used to arrive at your conclusions.

The future doctor must master the research he will carry out, so he must be able to lead the reader to the clear understanding of all his theoretical assumptions, methodological choices, hypotheses about the object and the very importance of knowledge that he will contribute in a synthetic way.

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